Twin Ports Transport was founded in 1997 by Como Oil and Propane. As one of the region's largest propane and oil delivery companies, Como wanted to ensure their fuel supply chain was solid and running as efficiently as possible.

"Twin Ports Transport gives us a clear advantage in reliably serving our customers. When we face fuel supply disruptions or extreme demand spikes, we know we can count on TPT to do whatever it takes to keep product moving to our customers. That's absolutely critical in the dead of winter here in the Northland."

– John Heino, President & CEO, Como Oil & Propane

What started as a one truck transport company has grown into a fleet of 25 including tractor trailers, propane trailers, insulated trailers and clean oil trailers.

"Here at Twin Ports Transport we take great pride in our safety record and giving our customers the best service. With combined experience of more than 150 years in the business, our professional drivers make the difference in safely and dependably meeting the needs of our customers even in the most challenging situations. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated and that seems to be a good way to do business."

– John Royer, Manager, Twin Ports Transport

One thing you can count on is the experience in every transport made by Twin Ports Transport. Our drivers have over 350 years of driving experience and adhere to the highest standards in safety and customer service.
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